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Borris is the youngest family member of the Bannons, and probably the second most intelligent. He frequently clashes with his older and hopelessly stupider brother Spike who considers himself the most intelligent member of the family. Boris can be sweet at one point but extremely sour at the other point. His second arch-rival is Des Hendi, who is scared stiff of him, like Spike.


Boris is fit, well fed and provided for. He has spiked brown hair and sinister, dark eyes. He is rarely seen in anything other than a black jumper and trousers.


Despite being spoilt, arrogant and very shy, Boris is cunning, sly, meticulous and diabolically intelligent. He has more of a mastery over spy techniques and technology than any other in the series and an encyclopaedic knowledge of stealth, subderfuge and reconnaissance. He is rather antisocial and seems to enjoy being left alone. He is extremely sly and sociopathic.