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Dirk is a former spy. He is married to his former arch rival, Talia Bannon, who also happened to be a spy. Dirk is usually a pushover to his wife. Together, they have three children: Spike Bannon, Elle Bannon and Boris Bannon. He is best friends with Des, his former Personal Ordinance Officer (gadget-master). He is rarely seen wearing something other than a tuxedo. He is portrayed by Milo Twomey. He was a hero, a leader of men and Britons best secret agent . . . and does he love to talk about it!! He still acts like dangers around every corner but now he’s probably more a danger to himself and definitely an embarrassment to his kids.


Often seen in a James Bond style, he rarely wears something other than a tuxedo. He has black hair and very often hides his emotions.


Dirk is incredibly energetic, heroic, athletic, charismatic, sophisticated, always likes to make a secret mission of tasks and is very often hiding his emotions. He however is very courageous and is always ready to save the day. He often thinks that rather than being embarrassed of him, his children look up to him in all manner. He has very strong feelings for Thalia when he is not competing with her. When they argue or compete, it can get severely out of hand because both of them were once enemies.