Spikes Files Wiki

Is he the next master spy of the future? Let’s hope not. He uses his spy training and top secret technology just to get out of doing school work! But then, he is more likely to blow up the family car than get out of double maths. The eldest offspring of the Dirk and Talia. Spike is an expert in creating various spy gadgets. Many times, it is shown that he, along with his best friend Travis, try to sabotage any plans or simply to make fool of his Geography teacher Mr Vong, whom with he does not get along well. It is not known why his relations with him are not well. He is portrayed by Joe Tracini.


Spike, like his name suggests, has spiky, blackish-brown hair and brown eyes. He is rarely seen in anything but a grey or brown jacket with a striped T-shirt. He has the sort of face that emanates vanity.


Spike is seen as cunning, deceptive, eccentric, sophisticated, resourceful and sneaky. He is constantly playing pranks on his enemies and trying to avoid or humiliate, or prove himself superior to his other family members..